Sometimes it’s necessary to grow up quickly…

Going Halves centers on the story of two young people, who assume the role of “half parenthood” for their lovely nephews. It is a funny and bitter-sweet ‘growing-up story’ about an auntie, an uncle and three nephews becoming a familiy.

Logline: A mixture between Full House and Charles in Charge, ‘Going Halves’ tells the story of an unlikely bunch: Ayla, a tasteful and aristocratic college student; the shrewd but not-so-bright Murad who she can’t stand; and their beloved nephews Selin, Emin and Pelin. A tragedy brings them together under one roof as the kids loose their parents in an accident. Now, it is up to ‘Auntie’ and ‘Uncle’ to stick together for their nephews, cast their differences aside and rise to the new challenges of being a family.

As we’re constantly reminded in real life: At times, you will just have got to grow up fast.

Synopsis: Leyla and Kadir are a happily married couple. Leyla is from İzmir, she comes from an aristocratic family whereas Kadir’s conservative parents are from Kayseri. These two cities stand as exact opposites for everyting westrern versus totally traditional. That is why their parents never liked each other as in-laws. Nevertheless, Leyla and Kadir have succeeded overcoming their personal differences and raising three adorable children. Leyla and Kadir are the owners of a successful restaurant called ‘6 Mantı’.

(Mantı: A traditional pastry dish resembling ravioli)

Kadir has a younger brother, Murad. He is a shrewd know-it-all who in real life is well known for messing things up and being very tight with money. Ayla is Leyla’s younger sister: A free-spirit with multiple goals in life, each more unlikely than the other. Ayla can not tolerate Murad, he stands for everything she would call uncultured. They share just one thing in common though: Love for their nephews.

One day, Murad shows up in his brothers restaurant. He is in the process of being hired by a bank and looking for accommodation at his brother’s family home. At the same time, Ayla decides to come to İstanbul to study architecture. She is planning to stay with her sister during the school term. But there is one slight problem: Leyla and Kadir have only one spare room in the house and Ayla and Murad can not put up with each other!

Leyla and Kadir choose the hard way and let both their siblings stay with them, hoping that these two childish grown-ups will stop fighting constantly and learn to take on responsibilities. Alas, a terrible tradegy shatters the hopes and dreams of the familiy, as Leyla and Kadir both die in a car accident. The children are devastated, Murad and Ayla are suddenly faced with all the big responsibilities of life after the loss of their beloved borther and sister. The grandparents rush to İstanbul and after the sorrow settles, each side tries to persuade the grandchildren to leave İstanbul and come bach with them. The familiy stands in the brink of disintegration and there is only one way out: Murad assumes the role of his late brother, Ayla does the same thing in her sister’s stead; hence starts a bitter-sweet but fun and adventurous journey as auntie, uncle and the nephews grow up together to be a family…





Ahmet Katıksız, Yahya Samancı


Hakan Haksun, Gökhan Şeker, İbrahim Sever, Mert Meriçli


İnan Ulaş Torun, Burcu Binici, İpek Nutyalı, Ayça Yağcıoğlu, Atilla Doğukan Türkyılmaz, Ortans Kıvanç, Ali Hürol, Caner Kadayıfçı, Benian Dönmez, Betül Arım,  Ali Uyandıran, Ercüment Aydın, Nihan Balyalı, Mert Öner, Fatih Altın, Hakan Eke, Ertunç Alıcı