Just rely on your luck to win!

Is chance usually on your side? Do you always land on your feet? Then you are in luck. Best of Luck is the right show for you!

First up, you don’t have to be exceptionally fit or possess a vast knowledge to compete in this game show. All you’re going to need is a bit of luck and a healty dosis of self confidence: “Fortune favors the bold. In this case it is me”. If things go sideways, do not despair because who’s to tell how lucky or unlucky your opponent is going to be?

Best of Luck is a physical challenge game show where contestants face funny obstacles. Just by sheer luck and the will to succeed, anyone can strike gold easily. The main idea here is to challenge the contestants to make lucky guesses before a particular game begins. Every choice in Best of Luck has instant consequences. Each unlucky choice adds seconds to your score and the lowest completion time wins that particular round. İmagine three seemingly equal doors in front of you. Two of them are solid and only one of them is easily breakable. Nobody knows which is which.  You pick one door and hurl yourself aginst it. Will you shoot right through it or bounce back? İf things go your way, you will easily be able to break the door and hit the buzzer in a short time. If you’ve picked the wrong door however; you have to run back to the start line and go for another door, loosing precious seconds in the process.